Conference Schedule

All parallel sessions will be held in University College, Room 224A and 225. Plenary sessions will be in University College 85.


Thurs. 29th. August
1:30-2:30 Registration
2:30-4:30 Concurrent Panels (3 papers)
5-6:30 1st Plenary Paper
6:30 Reception

Friday 30th August
9:00-10:30 Concurrent Panels (2 papers)
11:00-12:45 Concurrent Panels (3 papers)
& 11-1:00
1:00-2:30 Lunch (included)
2:30-4:30 Concurrent Panels (3 papers)
5:00-6:30 2nd Plenary Paper

Saturday 31st August
9:00-10:30 Concurrent Panels (2 papers)
11:00-1:00 Concurrent Panels (3 papers)
1:00-2:30 Lunch (included); meeting to discuss translation projects
2:30-4:30 Concurrent Panels (3 papers)
5:00-6:30 3rd Plenary Paper
6:30 NASS Business Meeting
Conference dinner (pay for yourself ): 8:30

Thursday 29th August

10-12: Seminar by Iain Hamilton Grant on “Schelling After Idealism: The Theory of the Consequent Universal” (please sign up with Ben Woodard). – UC 225

Moderator: Ben Woodard (University of Western Ontario)

Conference begins:

Registration: 1:30-2:30 (UC 224 Foyer)

Opening Panel – 2:30-4:30

1. Schelling and Naturphilosophie (UC 225)


Chair: James Hall (University of Western Ontario)

Ryan Shea (Catholic University of America), “The Basic Structure and Continued Relevance of Schelling’s Naturphilosophie as a Grounding Ground”

Sebastian Schwenzfeuer (University of Freiburg), “The Function of Naturphilosophie in Schelling’s Thinking”

Wesley Furlotte (University of Ottawa), “The Vicissitudes of Material Nature in The Critical Idealisms of Hegel and Schelling.”

COFFEE BREAK – 4:30-5:00

Plenary Paper – 5:00-6:30 (UC 85)

Moderator: Tilottama Rajan (Western)

Joan Steigerwald (York), “Ground and Grounding: The Nature of Things in Schelling’s Philosophy.”

RECEPTION- 6:30-8:00 (McIntosh Gallery)


Friday 30th August

Concurrent Panels – 9:00- 10:30

2. Schelling and Heidegger (UC 224A)

Chair: Christopher Bundock (Huron University College)

Lore Hühn (University of Freiburg), “Heidegger’s Lecture on Schelling’s On the Essence of Human Freedom

Nicolai Zunic (University of Waterloo), “The Freedom of Philosophy: Heidegger, Schelling and the Treatise on Human Freedom”

3. Thinking Freedom (UC 225)

Chair: Michael Vater (Marquette University)

Jeremy Proulx (Eastern Michigan University), “Aesthetics and the Tragedy of Religion.”

Alistair Welchman (University of Texas at San Antonio), “Morality and Metaphysics: Evil in Schopenhauer and Schelling”

10:30-11:00 – COFFEE BREAK

Concurrent Panels – 11:00-1:00

4. Thinking After Freedom (UC 224A)

Chair: Alistair Welchman (University of Texas at San Antonio)

Naomi Fisher (Notre Dame University), “Nature, Freedom and Knowledge in Schelling.”

G. Anthony Bruno (University of Toronto), “Freedom and Pluralism in Schelling’s Critique of Fichte’s Jena Wissenschaftslehre.”

Jason Wirth (Seattle University), “The Future of Freedom: After the Freiheitsschrift

5. Schelling, Speculation and Realism (UC 225)

Chair: Ben Woodard (Western)

Daniel Whistler (University of Liverpool), “Literalism in Philosophy: Reading After Grant’s Schelling.”

Tyler Tritten (Armstrong Atlantic State University), “After Contingency: Toward the Principle of Sufficient Reason as Post Factum”

Respondent: Ben Woodard

LUNCH – 1:00-2:30 (Graduate Pub)

There will also be a room set aside for an informal meeting about current and planned translations of Schelling

Concurrent Panels – 2:30-4:30

6. Schelling’s God(s) (UC 224A): 2:30-4:30

Chair: Joshua Lambier (Western University)

Michael Vater (Marquette University ), “Ultimate Concern and Finitude: Schelling’s Philosophy of Religion and Paul Tillich’s Systematic Theology.”

James Depew (Western), “Schelling’s Pre-History: Mythology, Humanity, and the Problem of South America”

Joseph Lawrence (Holy Cross), “Schelling on Divine Insanity”

7.Schelling and Aesthetics (UC 225)

Chair: Christopher Bundock (Huron University College)

Gabriel Trop (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill), “Schelling’s Naturphilosophie and the Aesthetics of Attraction.”

Paul Gordon (University of Colorado-Boulder), “The Aesthetic Absolute in Schelling”

Marc Mazur (Western), “Writing Nature Otherwise: Natural History and the Paradox of the Product”

COFFEE BREAK – 4:30-5:00

Plenary Paper – 5:00-6:30 (UC 85)

Moderator: Jan Plug (Western)

Tilottama Rajan (Western), “Evolution and the Organization of Knowledge: Transferences Between The Disciplines in Schelling’s and Hegel’s Systems.”

For those interested some of us will be meeting at Chaucer’s (122 Carling St) at 9pm for drinks.


Saturday 31st August

Concurrent Panels – 9:00- 10:30

8. Schelling, Life and Ecology (UC 224A)

Chair: Joan Steigerwald (York University)

Bruce Matthews (Bard College), “Schelling, The Anthropocene, and a New Mythology of Nature”

Robert Brown (York University) , “Negative Potentials: Schelling, Merleau-Ponty, and the Crisis of Ecology”

9. Repetition and Return: Schelling, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche (UC 225)

Chair: Calin Mihailescu (Western)

Vanessa Rumble (Boston College), “Kierkegaard and Schelling on Freedom and Finitude”

John Vanderheide (Huron University College) , “A Standstill in Desire: Eternal Recurrence in Ages of the World

COFFEE BREAK – 10:30-11:00

Concurrent Panels – 11:00-1:00

10. Schelling and Psychoanalysis I (UC 224A)

Chair: Sean McGrath (Memorial University)

Teresa Fenichel (Boston College), “An Uncanny Belonging: Some Thoughts on Ground, Freedom, and Loss in Freud and Schelling”

Katia Hay (University of Lisbon), “Rethinking the Oedipus Complex or How to Overcome the Tragic”

Liane Carlson (Columbia), “Contingent Passion: Schelling’s Ages of The World and the Boundaries of Psychoanalysis”

11. Aftermaths: Schelling in the Nineteenth Century (UC 225)

Chair: Adrian Mioc (Western)

Jared McGeough (Concordia University), “Schelling, Bakunin, and the Anarchist Turn in Contemporary Theory”

Emilio Corriero (Turin), “A New Beginning: of Western Philosophy: After Schelling And Nietzsche”

Leon Niemoczynski (Immaculata University), “The Pain of Eternal Becoming: Peircean Firstness and the First Divine Potential.”

LUNCH – 1:00-2:30 (Graduate Pub)

Concurrent Panels – 2:30-4:30

12. Schelling and Psychoanalysis II (UC 224A)

Chair: Joel Faflak (Western)

Sean McGrath (Memorial University), “The Psychology of Productive Dissociation, or: What Would Schellingian Therapy Look Like?”

Gord Barentsen (Western), “Silent Partnerships: Schelling, Jung and the Romantic Metasubject”

Joe Carew (McGill University), “The Zizekian-Schellingian Unconscious: From Drive to Act”

13. The Positive Philosophy (UC 225)

Chair: Bruce Matthews (Bard College)

Andrzej Wiercinski (University of Freiburg), “New Thinking Beyond a Metaphysics of the Subject: Tracing Time Back to Eternity as God’s Path to Consciousness in Schelling’s Ages of the World

Scott Scribner (University of Hartford), “The Future of (non)Philosophy: Metaphysical Empiricism and the Decisional Dyad”

COFFEE BREAK – 4:30-5:00

Plenary Paper – 5:00-6:30 (UC 85)

Moderator: Jason Wirth (Seattle University)

Iain Hamilton Grant (University of the West of England) – “What is an Action?”

Closing Remarks – 6:30

CONFERENCE DINNER – 8:30 (Che Restobar, 225 Dundas Street)

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